Learn Spanish touring Montevideo Uruguay

In Montevideo the sky has all the colors. Here we combine elements from all periods and cultures and religions of almost all corners of the planet. It’s full of stories and projects. Born 300 years ago, but we feel as young as if we were born yesterday. We love to receive visitors.
UruguayAll year. In summer, autumn, winter, spring. Every season has its charm.
It has fine sand beaches along the 30 kms of coastline to share. Dozens of museums that deal the most different themes (the city all of it is a museum of national architecture open!) The longest carnival in the world. Historic Bars that hold secrets of the past.
Many theater premieres per year and works of art spread among more than 1000 squares and plazas that make up the fabric of our public spaces. A tree for every three inhabitants. A promenade from which you can enjoy peaceful and quiet around the horizon. Clubs tango and candombe. Good wine. Routes and gastronomic corners that will resultarte unforgettable. We are a city full of poets and musicians, in which friendship, solidarity and values ​​remain sacred word. But we are much more than a city. There is an urban Montevideo Montevideo there is also a rural intensely worth knowing. We have a very particular rhythm: we enjoy the movement, but we also enjoy the art of being still. Here, take the time to enjoy the time, remains an essential habit. We are a corner of winds, a knot of feelings know Montevideo is loving her. There is a special magic under each tile and each lump detierra. Discovered Montevideo. Montevideo discovered Tell us how you did.

History City

MontevideoThe old town, also known as Ciudad Vieja, stone embankments had surrounded the “strong city” called San Felipe y Santiago de Montevideo. It was guarded by a fortress, called Citadel.
The structure that held the door of the entrance to the fort is in its old place, between Independence Square and the pedestrian Sarandi, marking the start of the historic walk imaginary.
High-value buildings and architectural heritage, museums, cafes, showrooms, design shops, bookstores, antique shops and a shopping trip during the day give way at night to a lively nightlife with bars, pubs, restaurants, clubs and theaters.

Rambla of Montevideo

Rambla MontevideoIt is the name that is known to the coast of Montevideo. Its 30 kilometers make it one of the largest spaces in the world socialized coast. It is the way of escape, and the most diverse space that come daily Montevideo in order to walk or play sports.

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