Our Spanish Method

Our Teaching Method

Learn to Speak Spanish  - Contact us today!

Learn to Speak Spanish – Contact us today!

Our Spanish courses are crash courses based on an intensive, immersive teaching practice. At Spanish Uruguay, you’ll speak Spanish from the very first day of class and become accustomed to practicing in and outside the classroom— while, of course, having fun. The enthusiasm, experience and professionalism of our teachers is guaranteed. They are all highly experienced, university-trained individuals dedicated to teaching students as much as possible in a short period of time. At Spanish Uruguay, you’ll learn the language in an effective and funny way, while entering into a new culture.

Speak Spanish in Montevideo!

Speak Spanish in Montevideo!

We seek to transform our classrooms into lively, interactive spaces providing the ideal elements for you to get your goals faster language learning. To achieve this, we combine various tasks and activities: communicative, interactive, grammatical and cultural ones. We introduce you to both Spanish language and Latin American culture. We strive to have you learn Spanish with comfort and ease — and therefore stress the importance of practice and continuous communication. Classes are always very small in size, so you are guaranteed personal attention and academic support. Most importantly, we strive for our students to enjoy their experience with us as much as possible and to learn as much as they can both within and outside the classroom. That’s why we offer additional cultural classes, outings and travel excursions, and homestay programs: we want to make sure you’re practicing and learning not just in the course, but while you explore the beautiful streets and landscapes of Montevideo!

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