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Learn Spanish and Explore Uruguay!

Learn Spanish and Explore Uruguay!

At Spanish Uruguay, we offer a number of small Intensive Spanish courses to suit your needs. These courses will facilitate learning Spanish in all communicative skills following the method developed by our teachers. With this teaching method, you’ll speak Spanish from the first day, practicing a full immersion in the language through the  classes, where all students will speak Spanish with you. You’ll be able to communicate with the inhabitants of the city,  to leave class and practice what you learned in school in shops, bars, on the beach, or with your host family if you choose to participate in one of our homestay programs.

Study at Spanish Uruguay
We also offer an option of intensive, private Spanish classes for students who feel they learn better one-on-one and who want to improve rapidly in a short period of time through a personalized, focused environment. Additionally, we have online classes for those students who want to prepare for an upcoming trip to a Spanish-speaking country or keep practicing at home once they return! Spanish Uruguay offers various programs in Montevideo, and also in other areas of the country for great prices, so don’t hesitate to contact us or to look through our website in order to find the spanish course that’s perfect for you.
Come to Spanish Uruguay and check our spanish courses.


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