Learn South American culture through Tango lyrics in Spanish Uruguay

Tango ShowsSpanish Uruguay supports Tango!

Spanish Uruguay School is proud to be committed to introduce our students to the study of Tango lyrics.

In 2009, UNESCO added Tango music to its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and this year, in order to promote Tango as a symbol of cultural identity an international committee that supports Tango music (Comisión internacional de apoyo al tango) has been created in Uruguay .

This historical art is regaining a great importance in present time, not only in South America, but also in many other countries, and therefore, it still is an art that helps us understand our contemporary society.

Tha main goal of Spanish Uruguay is that you have a close insight into South American culture. A language is a means of communication but also is a gate to a different cultural universe.

Our courses are meant to prepare you for understanding the differences between each of the Spanish speaker countries, but also to let you take profit of the particularities of the culture from Rio de la Plata.

We strongly believe that having the opportunity to learn a language in a real context gives our students a unique advantage: this experience allows them to go beyond grammar, lexis and syntax and to reach deeper levels of understanding.

The reason why they get that far and are able to comprehend figurative senses and metaphorical expressions is that in all our classes students work with real life conversations and documents, and also are shown, through pedagogical tools prepared for each level, different social aspects and artistic means of expression that belong to South American culture.

It is in this sense that we believe that sharing lyrics and stories connected to tango and its historical development can really improve the experience of learning South American Spanish while getting to know more about the culture that makes it unique.

For more information on our courses go to: http://www.spanishuruguay.com.




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