Typical food in Montevideo Uruguay

food Uruguay The city of Montevideo has a rich culinary product of the Italian and Spanish influence, mixed with meat and dairy products in the region, created delicious dishes that have crossed borders.
Montevideo has a culinary heritage that has been cultivated for generations. Meats and dairy products are of excellent quality in Uruguay, making livestock primary food source in the region. Dishes like the “Uruguayan grill” barbecue meat (predominantly vaccine, but which may include meat rabbit, duck, chicken or wild boar) made with logs of wood, is the faithful representative of the local cuisine in restaurants of the city. In most urban environments, street food vendors offer the “goat” and prepare a bread type roll beef stuffed with grilled ham, bacon, mozzarella cheese, boiled egg, olives, bell pepper and seasoned with mayonnaise . It is consumed after partying and often accompany fries. The “chorip├ín” is another stuffed bread you can find in the food stalls. The bread is stuffed with chorizo, lettuce, tomato and sauces prepared by each local with your own recipe. The “Milanese Parmesan” is a beef steak from last res breadcrumbs fried egg and covered with tomato sauce, oregano and Parmesan cheese. It is one of the great dishes of Italian heritage. In Montevideo, pasta is part of the daily diet, the Italians brought to America and popular in many countries. In Uruguay it is customary to celebrate the 29th of each month as “Gnocchi Day”, a paste based on potato and wheat flour. That day, families and friends gather to enjoy a plate of gnocchi with a homemade sauce. They tend to put money under the plates and served as a desire for money and do not miss the next month is economically prosperous. On the other hand, the cheeses are highly valued in the local culture of Montevideo. The prepared with different processing techniques creating pieces to taste the various wines.

The sweets of the city are rich in sugars and flavor. You can enjoy traditional three storey alfajores (sweet milk of Arab origin) and the “screamer”, a cake with meringue, sponge cake, whipped cream and fruit in syrup, in local restaurants. In markets and street stalls is very common during the autumn-winter season sell traditional “candied” peanuts topped with caramel made from sugar and vanilla.

When drinking, “mate” (yerbamate infusion) is first in the list, followed by wine. The Uruguayan wine is widely marketed around the world and in Montevideo can sample the best of the crop. The Italians brought the “grappa”, an alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of marc and lees in fermentation of the grape to Uruguay and is usually drunk neat or with lemon.

Walking through the historic part of the city you can find restaurants with typical local food as Babieca restaurant offering traditional Uruguayan dishes.

The food that you can not miss

Milanese Breaded beef last in egg and breadcrumbs.

Chivito Excellent food after partying.

Choripán Bun stuffed with chorizo tomato and lettuce.

Food Gnocchi Italian origin common in Uruguay.

Peanuts coated with sugared candy made with sugar and vanilla.

Sweet gingerbread Arab fill with caramel and covered in chocolate.

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